Who Uses Online Marketing Systems and Why?

Leaders and serious “newbie” entrepreneurs use online marketing systems. On the other hand, people worried about spending money on their business and only trying to make a few extra bucks a month usually don’t want to use a system. You want to work online? You want success? Without an online marketing system your goal is rarely possible when your new to the online business world. If you want to spend 6-12 months figuring things out and probably giving up before success arrives, then consider using a proven marketing system can help your business succeed online.

First you need to know where your business is going and then make an action plan. Whether you choose a product, a service, a franchise, an MLM company, or a direct sales business model, each of these businesses requires an advertising system to find customers.

Realize there may be many different online marketing systems for your business. If it was as easy as “step 1, step 2 and step 3, follow me”, we would all be dancing our way to the bank.

These questions can help you see some of the benefits of enrolling into a system already in place:

Do you need a website?

Do you need an autoresponder?

Do you need to learn HTML and be a techie to succeed?

Do you need a sales page?

Do you need to write it?

Do you need a blog?

Do you need a list of your own?

If you answered yes to any of these, which you should have, an online marketing system will provide these for you.

More important than each of these is having a way to connect them and planning the sequence of events you want your prospect to follow. Most beginning online marketers have some of these parts. The key to your success is to learn to connect the dots. Your customers needs a clear path from the time they hit your web page, through the follow-up, to the time they buy a product. That is the purpose of a marketing system.

It is helpful to look at what others have done. Go back and look at something you bought and make a list of every step it took you through and you will see most of the parts of a functioning system.

In the beginning, I was like many new marketers and had some of the parts but not in the right sequence. It wasn’t until I watched, listened and learned from some of the masters that I realized the importance of online marketing systems.

Make a plan and then be persistent. Act on the steps you have outlined. When you learn what to do and then actually go out and do it, you will find more success than if you are simply drifting or guessing about what to do next.

I strongly recommend that you learn which online marketing systems work best for your business and start to apply them.

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