Network Marketing is the Best Way to Find New Friends

Just Do It! Stop Complaining about Network Marketing and Just Do ItSince I have been in Network Marketing I have meet so many new friends. And these new friends have really changed my life. I am now around people that have a vision, have goals and want to have fun. We all need to change the way we think and being around new people that have, goal, have a vision will only help you.I spend more time with my new friends than my old friends that had no plan for their life. They are going no where in their life. All they do is complain. The funny thing is they are all broke. I am a firm believer that to reach your potential be around people that will support you are positive and want to have fun. Stop being around negative people, change the way you think and change the way you talk. And see your life change. Go and see a Network Marketing presentation and see for yourself the energy in the room. Don’t look at it as just a rally meeting. Look at it as maybe this can change my life. Today people are losing their jobs, benefits and most importantly losing their homes. Both parents have to work leaving their kids on their own or with a stranger. I know it is hard out there but we all need to change what we are doing. Ask yourself if you keep doing the same thing today will you be doing the same thing 5 years from now? I for one want to change my life and use the gifts and talents GOD has given me. Which I truly believe is to help people. I believe if I can help the masses then my goals will come true. Our backs are against the wall and the only way to go is forward. We need to stop making excuses about our lives and move ahead. Our new President ran on change. What I take that for is that we need to change and by us changing President Obama can and will help us. Change begins in the inside. Remember what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. We are in trouble and we need to find new ways to change our lives and how we can help him make the changes he needs to make. Nothing happens over night. Learn how to help others and you will help yourself. Network Marketing is a business and I know for a fact it can change ones life. There are just average people in MLM making a lot of money. People just like you and me. So stop looking at this business as a pyramid, thinking that only the top person makes all the money. Guess what I don’t care how much the top guy makes. If he makes million a month good for him. He or she deserves it. They came up with the idea, put up millions to get it started and did all the work before you did. When you bought your house did you build it? But yet the builder made a ton of money. Everything in our lives is a pyramid. Do you work for someone else? Do work for a major bank, or any major company? Are you making as mush as the CEO? If not then you are working for a pyramid. That is fact and that is just life. Back of a dollar bill is a pyramid. It also says In GOD we trust. So let’s trust in GOD. A few of the greatest things about Network Marketing is you get paid for what you are worth. It has a very low start up cost. If you want to make $500, $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 a month you can. WHAT ARE YOU WORTH? All you need to do is put more time into doing the business. The more you learn the more you earn. You can work from home, have many tax advantages, take off when you want, answer to no one, get a raise, not be in traffic everyday and there is a lot more. Network marketing, referral marketing, direct marketing, MLM is no different than any other business. You have to work at it for it to work. Do you think being professional athlete is any different? No, every one of them worked at it and just put their vision in their hearts and nothing stopped them. We can do the same. Do you have a vision? Do you have goals? It is amazing to me how so many people today don’t dream. Do you remember when you were 5 years old waiting for Santa Clause God has given all of us talents and gifts. Find what your gift is and just DO IT. Find your talent and just DO IT. Do you have faith? God gave all of us the gift of faith. Then have faith in yourself. You have it inside of you. Most of us live by FEAR. I call it False Evidence that Appears Real. Just DO IT.If you hang around 4 people that are broke then you will be the 5th. I am one of those people that lost everything because of bad investments, the economy and thinking the good life would not end. Well it did come to an end. I have no one to blame but my self. I talk with a lot of people daily and it is amazing how many of them are just miserable. Be around people that are going some where, that are positive and want to have fun and watch your life change.

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