Marketing Tactics: Top Underused and Most Effective

There are tons of marketing tactics that are available to just about any business. However, deciding which is best for you and your business’ needs is what needs to be decided. As a result, the below list provides the most effective marketing tactics that just about every business overlooks when they are examining their marketing initiatives.

Postcards – Postcards are the best way to blanket a certain region, or target a specific group of people. They provide easy methods of distribution, and also provide a great way to connect with your customers when handing them out.

Pens and Pencils – The best way to get spread around is by putting branding on your pens and pencils! This not only provides a great way to get your message to just about everybody, but also proves to be an absolute asset to both your current customers and new prospects.

Thank You Notes – always be sure to thank your customers for their continued support. The best way to do this is by sending them a thank you postcard. This marketing tactic adds an extra dimension that will speak volumes. It not only allows you to express your appreciation but also adds a human element that will allow you to connect on a personal level.

Events – Although a very labor-intensive process. Events provide a great way to meet and greet with all of your customers. They also allow you to sell your brand in a setting to your liking! This is the perfect way to engage and also to provide a way to follow-up on your meeting.

Stickers – Stickers are a great way to cover a small area. They are perhaps one of the most overused forms of guerrilla marketing. They can be stuck on just about anything and provide a great way for your customers to gain brand recognition. Just remember to put your stickers on things that are representative of your brand, and also try to avoid public places that would not appreciate having your sticker stuck to their property.

When everything is done, simply remember that all marketing tactics are just as effective as you make them. So take the time to sit down and draw up a plan that will not only meet the needs of your business, but will also bring in the results that you can only dream of.

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