How To Use Flyers As A Marketing Weapon In Your Business

How do you feel about using flyers to market your business? I personally don’t use flyers anymore due to the other marketing strategies that I currently employ, but I know of people who are using them with much success. The main way to make your flyer work is by targeting the people who you give them to.

One day this guy approached me in the mall asking me to buy his rap CD. He told me that it was only $5, and when I declined, he gave me a flyer to take home so that I could think about it. Of course on the flyer he had his phone number and website address that I could use to make a purchase if I changed my mind.

I don’t think walking in a mall and handing out people CD’s and flyers is a good marketing strategy. I feel this way for a few reasons. The first reason is that there is only so much time in the day to promote this CD. The second reason is that the mall isn’t a good place to sell rap CD’s.

Most malls have a video and/or audio music store that contains all of the latest albums to be released. So if I wanted to buy a CD, I would simply go into one of these stores. Maybe if the guy gave me his CD for free and also handed me his flyer so that I could mull it over…. then maybe (just maybe) I would have given him a chance at ordering.

But this wasn’t the case. The point I’m trying to make is that if you want to have the most success with flyers, you have to pinpoint your targeted audience. If I was this guy, I would have asked myself, “Who are the most likely people to buy this type of album, and how would I reach them?”

Personally if I was this guy, I would start distributing my flyers at a local club in the area. I would give these people my flyer and audio while they are still “hyped up” from the club. I’m willing to bet that more people would take advantage of the same offer, and that this guy could have had much more success with his marketing campaign.

Are you considering using flyers in your business? Well if you are, then know that there are many options at your disposal as to where you want to start distributing your flyers.

If you’re a barber shop owner, you could probably design a flyer for your business and distribute it to local high school and college kids. All kinds of industries can use this technique to maximum effectiveness. Start brainstorming on ways that you can utilize flyers in your business today.

Even though I don’t use flyers anymore, I still think that they can be a great way to gather more new customers. You just have to ensure that the response that you get from your flyers will justify running another flyer campaign. The best way to know if it’s working for you is to test accordingly.

If you want to make money with flyers, keep these tips in mind to have the most success in your business.

Good luck with using flyers to promote and market your business.

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