Direct Marketing Rules The Internet

Selling takes another step forward in today’s technology world. The internet becomes the biggest contributor to a massive change in lifestyles, business communications and flexible working hours among so many new age direct marketers.During the early days where MLM flourished in the name of Nuskin and Amway, the direct marketing world awaken with the light of a new business paradigm. Solo business owners were no longer a dream. They can work flexible hours, no permanent office cubicles and a small start up investment cost attracted millions into this business. Well, some made it, some don’t. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that this business trend will continue to grow rapidly worldwide.Internet changed many routine lifestyles since its inception 2 decades ago. With its tremendous penetration rate into every single household, we can anticipate that in years to come, we will be living in a world within a technology world, and mass communication becomes so much easier than ever. Imagine a homeworker reaching 2 thousand friends with a click of a button.The power of email and video provides an excellent platform for direct marketers. These tools will be the primary weapon for them to reach the masses, convincingly. They can save so much travelling time as compared to tradition methods. Also, with the aid of a video streaming, podcasting and webcasting, direct marketers can literally reach all their potential buyers in minutes. How amazing can this be?If my prediction is correct, in the next two years, we will be seeing a wave of business networking and small business advertising sites becoming increasingly popular and important. The reason for these sites being relevant goes to the fact that real money can finally be made. The internet has not been profitable to many small business owners in the past, primarily, internet business culture was not matured. Buyers are skeptical. Frauds and scams are tarnishing the good names of genuine business owners. Payment gateways are vulnerable to hackers and so on. But all these will change, sooner than later.The internet will eventually become, not just a information warehouse, online gaming craze, search engine or social networking monopoly. It will also become a Direct Marketing heaven. Connecting small business owners and customers together, making it a vibrant online marketplace where relationships are built virtually, without coffees or golf courses, without shaking of hands and exchanging of name cards.Finally, we will be experiencing a phenomenon change in the internet culture. Online advertising and businesses will revolutionalize the way traditional businesses were conducted. Be prepared to accept this change and embrace it with an open heart.

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