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Direct Mail Marketing – Can it Really Pay Off? Step 1 – Researching Your Target Market

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Maybe you have thought about direct mail. Maybe you have wondered whether it could work for you. Maybe you have done it, but it never really paid off. Possibly you thought there was so much to learn that you didn’t know where to start. Whatever your particular ‘story’ is you are reading this. And yes, there are a million and one ways to do something wrong – but there are only a handful of ways to get it right. In this article, I will show you what has brought success to hundreds of mortgage brokers and how direct mail marketing can work for you.

My goal in this article is to help you get started by helping you figure out WHO you should be mailing to and WHAT product to promote to them. In fact – I will be writing a series of articles taking you all the way from the research to the tracking of the results and your return on investment. There will be practical exercises for you to do in between the next issues, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to start cooking – or start rolling in the dough.

I’ve literally dealt with the marketing of thousands of mortgage brokers and one thing is certain… Once you guys start doing really well financially you want to branch out on your own and start your own company. However, most brokers haven’t taken Marketing 101, so they tend to fail. Not because they aren’t good brokers, but because they aren’t good marketers. In fact, it is not only a trend I see in the Mortgage Industry, but many other industries as well. To tell you the truth, with all that I know about marketing I’m confident that I could make ANY business successful. Sounds pretty cocky but hands down, I could do it. Because I know marketing.

Why do I know that I could make it successful? Because I learned something vitally important: outbound communication is key. It is more important then what you receive. You will generate interest and credibility the more you communicate and the more you communicate repeatedly.

But not just to anybody. Why would you communicate to folks that have no reason to buy a home or refinance their home if you were a mortgage broker? How will you go about defining your target market? What is the scientific approach to choosing your mailing list?

On the outset, that may seem easy. Just advertise your subprime product to a subprime list. Or maybe not. But you do not want to guess on this. You need solid evidence. The best way to get that evidence is via your own records – your past closes and what it was you sold and to whom. What you are looking for is twofold:

1) Your easiest-to-close customers and

2) Customers that financed with your highest income-generating products.

To recap in mid-stream let me give you four key data to latch onto:

1) Outbound communication is key.

2) Repeated communication is vital.

3) Your easiest-to-close customers should be promoted to first.

4) Your highest income-generating products should be next in line to promote.

Now let’s get started. Research which product you need to market.

When you start researching, you really shouldn’t go off of assumptions. Ideally you’ll go through your client list and tabulate which product you sold the most of. Was it prime? Subprime? Re-fi? Jumbo? Most of the time, you really have to do a sincere survey. You are looking to market the product that makes you the most income the quickest FIRST.

Exactly how should you do the research?

Create a spreadsheet and go through all of your past closes over the last year. List them out: Product X, Product Y, Product Z and so on – find every close you made over the few year and mark down which product it was and what you earned off of it. Also note down HOW MANY of that product you sold.

Example Tabulation:

Product X: Earned 1% Sold 8

Product Y: Earned $900 Sold 20

Product Z: Earned ½% Sold 12

Using the above example it is easy to see that Product ‘Y’ is what you should be marketing in your direct mail campaign. We’ll consider product ‘Y’ your bread and butter. Obviously these are the easiest to close so let’s create as many leads as we can and assume you’ll close them up.

Once you’re grooving right along with that product (and we’ll get to the target market in a few paragraphs) use the same spreadsheet to determine which product yielded the highest commissions. Maybe Product ‘X’ averaged around $2000 per close but with only five sold you’re still doing better with ‘Y’, economically speaking. BUT if you just increase the number of leads that would need or desire product ‘X’ you could really start raking it in, right?

Do you see where I’m going with this? Haphazardly, with little or no direct mail – perhaps with referrals only – you’re managing to sell certain products to certain demographics. Of course, in reality, it will be many more than three different products which is why you need to go about this systematically.

However, once you start promoting Product ‘Y’ and you start receiving an abundance of leads, DO NOT stop promoting that product just because you now have some more business. Keep on putting out that communication repeatedly and additionally market to the next product to the target market. We’re going for abundance here. When you’ve got an abundance of business, it is much easier to solve whatever problems arise with that than the type of problems that come from having a scarcity of business.

Learning a subject is all about wrapping your wits around the key principles involved and building upon those. Wrap your wits around this and you will be on your way to becoming a marketing expert.

Now that you know which product to start with, you have to know who is going to buy it, which comes to our next step.

Research to find who the audience is that you are going to sell to.

Not all audiences are the same. Take for example the TV show, Showtime at the Apollo. Not everyone would want to watch that. Just like there is a totally different target audience for American Idol. (If you never heard of these, then more than likely you aren’t their audience.) Case in point: you have to determine who your audience is, which is called a “market”. A “market” is a type of audience, a type of user. Figure out everything you can about that particular market that buys your main (what you sell the most of) product. The good thing is that you already have access to all their data – age ranges, credit scores, income, etc. It is time to add this data to your spread sheet.

Product X: Earned 1% Sold 8

Product Y: Earned $900 Sold 20

Product Z: Earned ½% Sold 12

Credit ranges

Age ranges

Income level

Once you have the demographics of the people that buy your “easiest-to-sell” product, you can then buy a list of that particular type of audience. You can go to a list company that you feel good about or have gotten recommendations for, and buy a list of people within those specific criteria. Get a list in a certain zip code or a certain mile radius around your office. (I have found that in more rural areas you will have to do a larger mileage radius than you would have to in a more urban area – it depends on the population.)

The reason you want to do such a thorough job of finding out who you are selling to is that 40% of your marketing campaign’s success (success meaning whether or not you get a good response) is dependent on your list. 40%! That is a big percentage to mess up on at the get-go. Besides, it is your list and the postage that are going to be the most expensive parts of your direct mail campaign. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good list – it makes all the difference in the world.

Here is an excellent case study of a company of mortgage professionals called Priority Financial Services that did exactly what I have been writing about here. They did an exhaustive research of what type of product they should focus on offering and what type of consumer would reach for their services.

Ervin Kowitz and Brian Kowitz are the owners of PFS. Their specialties include “no income qualifier” loans and loans for those without an income. They have a great deal of experience and expertise for those borrowers with credit problems including bankruptcy and foreclosure. With over 12,000 loans closed since 1994, they had quite a history that helped them determine the type of customer that they decided to focus on. Coupling their own internal study with market research and data retrieval from a source of strategic partners, Ervin and Brian were able to focus on a sector of the market whose need was the biggest segment of the growing market and truly specialize in it. This will vary for your particular business or area, but you can ascertain your niche in the same or similar way that they did.

The question they asked themselves was, ‘what was the most valuable asset that their business had’. Contrary to the usual answers of inventory, lease or even employees – even though employees are very high on the list, Ervin and Brian determined that their actual client base was their most valuable asset with their employees running a close 2nd. Once they determined this, they were on the right track to determining their niche.

PFS determined via their client base where their best clients were coming from and also analyzed where they were getting their best return. They saw a tremendous need in their customer base for financing for credit challenged individuals. Being primarily in the sub-prime market, Ervin and Brian further targeted a highly unique sector of the mortgage business – bankruptcies. They had spent 11 years dealing with the ‘ins and outs’ of bankruptcies, so much that 41% of their business was that specialized market. When this was unearthed, they had found their niche.

Niches can be very selective and they can be very broad as Ervin and Brian discovered. Even though they researched and found their niche, every issue they are presented with is unique. Though they offer many different products for their specialized market, they have been able to create a “service” niche. Through their creativity and understanding of the needs of their credit-challenged clients, they have been able to create literally a road map for each individual customer that is specific to them and in their best interest.

Priority Financial Service’s research may be very different than the research you need to do. The important thing is to comb through your files and take a look for the biggest commonalities and find out all you can about that product, market or trend you discover. You will have your own realization and you’ll be able to better define your target market and what particular products you need to concentrate your efforts on. Being everything to all people doesn’t necessarily communicate in marketing. People want to know what you can do for them specifically and when you are able to communicate that to a specific group – bingo! You just hit the jack pot.

In my next article, “Direct Mail Marketing-Can It Really Pay Off -Part Two”, I will teach you how to create copy (text, verbiage) in your promotional material to really get your message across to your target market in order to get a response. In the meantime, you have some homework to do. Happy Hunting!

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12 Profitable Tips for Direct Marketing in the Mail and on The Web

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Customers have emotional hot buttons. Successful direct marketing uses as many ways as is possible through copy, color, or graphics to trigger a response. Customers do not choose products or services rationally…direct marketing that moves people emotionally will move a product or service.

Know they customer is the #1 commandment of direct marketing the more you know about your customer the more you will sell. It’s much more than the statistics.

People do not embrace chance with open arms. There’s comfort in sameness. Radical changes in direct marketing designs, colors, merchandise, or formats, without testing is one sure way to make you P & L run red, and for you to get some unwanted face time with your boss.

The leap of faith for a customer is placing an order. Direct mail and E-marketing are impersonal businesses. There is no face to face interaction between seller and buyer. Trust…the more you reinforce it within your offer or guarantee, the more people will believe you are the real deal.

Likes attract likes. Direct marketing copy and graphics that relate and target to the specific demographic will be rewarded with a response.

It’s estimated that the majority of the people in this country have a 8th grade reading comprehension level. Talk above your customer in words that they don’t understand, and expect your response to be below expectations.

Customers today are sophisticated. They scan direct mail and E-marketing offers like a peregrine falcon on the hunt. Answer the “what’s in it for me” questions up front or face your direct mail or E-marketing effort being resigned to the circular file, or being clicked away.

Customer frustration does not lead to response. Hard to navigate web pages, or hard to follow order forms, layouts, copy or type in any direct mail offer, are roadblocks to response. Make it easy, clear, and concise.

Words sell…they seduce, they engage, and emotionally lure a customer in. Words are your “silent salesperson” that are the vital links to achieving a sale. The only function of copy is to involve the customer emotionally, in easy to understand words, so as to maximize the impact on profits.

You cannot use the word “you, your, or yourself” too much in copy. It should be written as much as is possible surrounded with words that are no more than 5 letters long. Simplicity sells! Do not write copy above your targeted demographic, or they definitely will make your bottom line run red.

“Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead”…Customers are cynics by nature and when it comes to a direct mail offer. They post a mental guard around the product and offer. The successful direct marketers know it, and do everything feasible to reinforce credibility, trust, and melt away the cynicism.

Color plays a critical role in the success or failure of direct mail or E-marketing effort. The choice of color used in a catalog or direct mail offer, or on a web page is not for the pleasure of the designer, VP, or CEO. Its only function is to evoke a feeling that translates into a response. The colors that sell, are the ones that send the right emotional message about you product, or company to the customer.

Successful direct marketing emotionally engages and moves a customer to respond. Customers are people just like you and me. Customers who feel they have a relationship with your company will buy more…guaranteed. Give your customers what they want…NOT what you think they should have.

Giving an item more space than it needs in a catalog or on the Internet does not increase sales proportionately. Increasing the selling space on a proven winner should help sales, but it can never save an item that’s a dog. Only a customer can tell you the winners and losers. What you think or like about a product…. Doesn’t mean a thing.

Today the direct marketing business is a long treacherous road filled with obstacles that in an instant can turn success into a road to financial ruin. The day of “lets fly it up the flagpole and see how it flies” is long gone. Today success is paying maniacal attention to the details and expanding new creative strategies (via testing) to build a better mousetrap.

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How To Use Flyers As A Marketing Weapon In Your Business

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How do you feel about using flyers to market your business? I personally don’t use flyers anymore due to the other marketing strategies that I currently employ, but I know of people who are using them with much success. The main way to make your flyer work is by targeting the people who you give them to.

One day this guy approached me in the mall asking me to buy his rap CD. He told me that it was only $5, and when I declined, he gave me a flyer to take home so that I could think about it. Of course on the flyer he had his phone number and website address that I could use to make a purchase if I changed my mind.

I don’t think walking in a mall and handing out people CD’s and flyers is a good marketing strategy. I feel this way for a few reasons. The first reason is that there is only so much time in the day to promote this CD. The second reason is that the mall isn’t a good place to sell rap CD’s.

Most malls have a video and/or audio music store that contains all of the latest albums to be released. So if I wanted to buy a CD, I would simply go into one of these stores. Maybe if the guy gave me his CD for free and also handed me his flyer so that I could mull it over…. then maybe (just maybe) I would have given him a chance at ordering.

But this wasn’t the case. The point I’m trying to make is that if you want to have the most success with flyers, you have to pinpoint your targeted audience. If I was this guy, I would have asked myself, “Who are the most likely people to buy this type of album, and how would I reach them?”

Personally if I was this guy, I would start distributing my flyers at a local club in the area. I would give these people my flyer and audio while they are still “hyped up” from the club. I’m willing to bet that more people would take advantage of the same offer, and that this guy could have had much more success with his marketing campaign.

Are you considering using flyers in your business? Well if you are, then know that there are many options at your disposal as to where you want to start distributing your flyers.

If you’re a barber shop owner, you could probably design a flyer for your business and distribute it to local high school and college kids. All kinds of industries can use this technique to maximum effectiveness. Start brainstorming on ways that you can utilize flyers in your business today.

Even though I don’t use flyers anymore, I still think that they can be a great way to gather more new customers. You just have to ensure that the response that you get from your flyers will justify running another flyer campaign. The best way to know if it’s working for you is to test accordingly.

If you want to make money with flyers, keep these tips in mind to have the most success in your business.

Good luck with using flyers to promote and market your business.

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Marketing Tactics: Top Underused and Most Effective

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There are tons of marketing tactics that are available to just about any business. However, deciding which is best for you and your business’ needs is what needs to be decided. As a result, the below list provides the most effective marketing tactics that just about every business overlooks when they are examining their marketing initiatives.

Postcards – Postcards are the best way to blanket a certain region, or target a specific group of people. They provide easy methods of distribution, and also provide a great way to connect with your customers when handing them out.

Pens and Pencils – The best way to get spread around is by putting branding on your pens and pencils! This not only provides a great way to get your message to just about everybody, but also proves to be an absolute asset to both your current customers and new prospects.

Thank You Notes – always be sure to thank your customers for their continued support. The best way to do this is by sending them a thank you postcard. This marketing tactic adds an extra dimension that will speak volumes. It not only allows you to express your appreciation but also adds a human element that will allow you to connect on a personal level.

Events – Although a very labor-intensive process. Events provide a great way to meet and greet with all of your customers. They also allow you to sell your brand in a setting to your liking! This is the perfect way to engage and also to provide a way to follow-up on your meeting.

Stickers – Stickers are a great way to cover a small area. They are perhaps one of the most overused forms of guerrilla marketing. They can be stuck on just about anything and provide a great way for your customers to gain brand recognition. Just remember to put your stickers on things that are representative of your brand, and also try to avoid public places that would not appreciate having your sticker stuck to their property.

When everything is done, simply remember that all marketing tactics are just as effective as you make them. So take the time to sit down and draw up a plan that will not only meet the needs of your business, but will also bring in the results that you can only dream of.

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Direct Marketing Rules The Internet

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Selling takes another step forward in today’s technology world. The internet becomes the biggest contributor to a massive change in lifestyles, business communications and flexible working hours among so many new age direct marketers.During the early days where MLM flourished in the name of Nuskin and Amway, the direct marketing world awaken with the light of a new business paradigm. Solo business owners were no longer a dream. They can work flexible hours, no permanent office cubicles and a small start up investment cost attracted millions into this business. Well, some made it, some don’t. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that this business trend will continue to grow rapidly worldwide.Internet changed many routine lifestyles since its inception 2 decades ago. With its tremendous penetration rate into every single household, we can anticipate that in years to come, we will be living in a world within a technology world, and mass communication becomes so much easier than ever. Imagine a homeworker reaching 2 thousand friends with a click of a button.The power of email and video provides an excellent platform for direct marketers. These tools will be the primary weapon for them to reach the masses, convincingly. They can save so much travelling time as compared to tradition methods. Also, with the aid of a video streaming, podcasting and webcasting, direct marketers can literally reach all their potential buyers in minutes. How amazing can this be?If my prediction is correct, in the next two years, we will be seeing a wave of business networking and small business advertising sites becoming increasingly popular and important. The reason for these sites being relevant goes to the fact that real money can finally be made. The internet has not been profitable to many small business owners in the past, primarily, internet business culture was not matured. Buyers are skeptical. Frauds and scams are tarnishing the good names of genuine business owners. Payment gateways are vulnerable to hackers and so on. But all these will change, sooner than later.The internet will eventually become, not just a information warehouse, online gaming craze, search engine or social networking monopoly. It will also become a Direct Marketing heaven. Connecting small business owners and customers together, making it a vibrant online marketplace where relationships are built virtually, without coffees or golf courses, without shaking of hands and exchanging of name cards.Finally, we will be experiencing a phenomenon change in the internet culture. Online advertising and businesses will revolutionalize the way traditional businesses were conducted. Be prepared to accept this change and embrace it with an open heart.

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Using Direct Mail And Email Marketing In Your Business

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How are you going about marketing your products and services? Are you promoting one item at a time? Are you promoting more than one item at once? Are you offering any deals in your business? All of these questions are things that you have to ask yourself if you want to stay in business for the long haul.

There are many ways to get more new customers. The first way is with direct mail. With direct mail, you can reach thousands of people at the cost of a little under $1. So imagine sending out 1,000 letters to good candidates, and only 1% of these people buying from you. If you do the math, and your product costs you $50, then you will lose money on the initial sales to these people.

But that’s OK, because you can easily recoup your investment back by selling to your backend customers. When selling to backend customers, you don’t have to do anything special to get your customers to buy from you again. All you need to do is to constantly contact them on a monthly basis, just to be in their minds when they do decide to buy something.

This is marketing 101, and if you’re not using this strategy in your business today, now is the time to start. In fact, here are some ways that you can keep in contact with your current customers:

1) Direct mail letters

You can write a 1-page letter in a plain #10 envelope and send it to your customers. Make sure you hand address the “to” and “from” areas on the envelope so that it can appear personal. When they open it up, have your offer inside. This is a great way to earn more money in your business as possible. Let’s take a look at another way to keep in contact with your existing customers.

2) Email marketing

With this strategy, you can put your messages on autopilot. All you need is something called an autoresponder, and you’ll be good to go. There are 2 places online that you can go to for acquiring an autoresponder. You can either go with, or Both are excellent services, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Be sure to space your messages by at least 4 days apart. You don’t want to end up spamming someone by mailing to them everyday – this annoys people, and it’s the fastest way to get your offer rejected. Instead, stick with every 4 days, and you will be good to go.

If you’re also mailing to these people offline, then follow up on them once a month. Hopefully your products are high cost because you can afford to spend a lot of money on advertising before going broke.

Make sure you use these tips to have the most success as possible in your business. It doesn’t take long for these strategies to put into motion, and it’s something that you should be doing right away if you want to improve your sales and profits.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success as possible.

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Market Yourself Into Direct Marketing Jobs

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When it’s job hunting time, too many candidates for direct marketing jobs forget everything they’ve learned about selling a product and think in terms of getting a job. If anyone should have an easy time of getting a job, it’s the direct marketing specialist, no? After all, what is job hunting but selling the most important product you have to offer – yourself? When you stop thinking in terms job seeking, and start thinking as you do when you’re developing a campaign to sell a new product, you’ll find the employers lining up to interview you – and offer you those direct marketing and database jobs for which you’ve been applying.Step I: Identify Your MarketThe first step in selling yourself is the same first step as in any direct marketing campaign – generating leads. Think back to what you’ve learned about identifying and developing your market. There are several ways to go about this. The most effective is to combine several.- Research through newspapers and job search sites to find direct marketing jobs that are vacant.- Draw up a list of firms for which you’d like to work.- Network. Mention your job hunt to everyone you know. Have a supply of business or contact cards available to hand out to anyone interested. Your mum’s hairdresser’s cousin may just be the secretary who typed up an advert for your dream position at work this afternoon. You never know where your sales leads may come from.Step II: Prepare Your Direct Marketing MaterialsTargeted mailings are the mainstay of most direct marketing jobs. You’ve identified your market – now put together your mailing: your CV and cover letter. Give it the same attention you’d give to your marketing campaigns – because it is your most important marketing campaign. Take the time to tailor your approach to fit the companies to which you’re applying. Your cover letter to each company should be different and aim to emphasize the skills and experience that will make you most attractive to them. It may be handy to rearrange your CV to aim for different direct marketing jobs and database jobs, putting the most important experience and honors up front for each position.Step III: Follow Up With Your ProspectsWait several days after sending out a CV to a company. If you haven’t heard back from them at the end of a week – most will at least send out a postcard acknowledging receipt of your CV – you can ring up to ‘check if your CV was received’. Do a bit of prospecting for information at the same time – will the company be scheduling interviews? When can you expect to hear? Is there anything in particular that might increase your chances of being considered for open direct marketing jobs?Step IV: Present Your Best SideIf your prospecting for leads is successful, think of your job interview as doing a sales presentation. Prepare yourself as carefully as you would to make a big sale to a prospect. You’ll find it far easier to present your abilities if you think of them as selling points rather than as ‘tooting your own horn’.Viewing your job interview as a sales presentation will also help you frame the right sorts of questions to ask your interviewer. When you’re selling a product, you aim your questions at discovering how your product can be most helpful to your prospect. The same sort of question to your interviewer will point out how valuable an asset you can be if the firm hires you for their vacant position.

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Network Marketing is the Best Way to Find New Friends

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Just Do It! Stop Complaining about Network Marketing and Just Do ItSince I have been in Network Marketing I have meet so many new friends. And these new friends have really changed my life. I am now around people that have a vision, have goals and want to have fun. We all need to change the way we think and being around new people that have, goal, have a vision will only help you.I spend more time with my new friends than my old friends that had no plan for their life. They are going no where in their life. All they do is complain. The funny thing is they are all broke. I am a firm believer that to reach your potential be around people that will support you are positive and want to have fun. Stop being around negative people, change the way you think and change the way you talk. And see your life change. Go and see a Network Marketing presentation and see for yourself the energy in the room. Don’t look at it as just a rally meeting. Look at it as maybe this can change my life. Today people are losing their jobs, benefits and most importantly losing their homes. Both parents have to work leaving their kids on their own or with a stranger. I know it is hard out there but we all need to change what we are doing. Ask yourself if you keep doing the same thing today will you be doing the same thing 5 years from now? I for one want to change my life and use the gifts and talents GOD has given me. Which I truly believe is to help people. I believe if I can help the masses then my goals will come true. Our backs are against the wall and the only way to go is forward. We need to stop making excuses about our lives and move ahead. Our new President ran on change. What I take that for is that we need to change and by us changing President Obama can and will help us. Change begins in the inside. Remember what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. We are in trouble and we need to find new ways to change our lives and how we can help him make the changes he needs to make. Nothing happens over night. Learn how to help others and you will help yourself. Network Marketing is a business and I know for a fact it can change ones life. There are just average people in MLM making a lot of money. People just like you and me. So stop looking at this business as a pyramid, thinking that only the top person makes all the money. Guess what I don’t care how much the top guy makes. If he makes million a month good for him. He or she deserves it. They came up with the idea, put up millions to get it started and did all the work before you did. When you bought your house did you build it? But yet the builder made a ton of money. Everything in our lives is a pyramid. Do you work for someone else? Do work for a major bank, or any major company? Are you making as mush as the CEO? If not then you are working for a pyramid. That is fact and that is just life. Back of a dollar bill is a pyramid. It also says In GOD we trust. So let’s trust in GOD. A few of the greatest things about Network Marketing is you get paid for what you are worth. It has a very low start up cost. If you want to make $500, $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 a month you can. WHAT ARE YOU WORTH? All you need to do is put more time into doing the business. The more you learn the more you earn. You can work from home, have many tax advantages, take off when you want, answer to no one, get a raise, not be in traffic everyday and there is a lot more. Network marketing, referral marketing, direct marketing, MLM is no different than any other business. You have to work at it for it to work. Do you think being professional athlete is any different? No, every one of them worked at it and just put their vision in their hearts and nothing stopped them. We can do the same. Do you have a vision? Do you have goals? It is amazing to me how so many people today don’t dream. Do you remember when you were 5 years old waiting for Santa Clause God has given all of us talents and gifts. Find what your gift is and just DO IT. Find your talent and just DO IT. Do you have faith? God gave all of us the gift of faith. Then have faith in yourself. You have it inside of you. Most of us live by FEAR. I call it False Evidence that Appears Real. Just DO IT.If you hang around 4 people that are broke then you will be the 5th. I am one of those people that lost everything because of bad investments, the economy and thinking the good life would not end. Well it did come to an end. I have no one to blame but my self. I talk with a lot of people daily and it is amazing how many of them are just miserable. Be around people that are going some where, that are positive and want to have fun and watch your life change.

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Landing Pages Are Key to Maximizing Search Engine Marketing

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So there you are, in front of your computer, browser open to Google. You’re trying to find something you need desperately-a banking solution, Caribbean cruise, buy one get one free pizza, a revolving tie rack (with or without a light?); or, you really want to know what all the buzz is about, say, these supposedly “smokeless cigarettes” (whatever that means!). You type in your keywords, seconds later the results page pops up. If you are like me, you may scroll down a little bit, but more than likely you will choose one of the first options that seem to have the information you need. This could be one of the “sponsored links” at the top or to the side of the browser, or one of the first search results. Often times, these links are examples of a sort of “mini” website, called landing pages.Landing pages are used by many companies when they want to target a very specific market, direct a potential customer to specific information, a summary of their products or services, or a specific ad campaign. The key difference between their main, home website, and the landing page, is that the website contains general information about the company and the products and services it offers, while the landing page is tailored towards a particular offer or information the company wants its potential customer to focus on.Depending on the type, landing pages may be used to ask the visitor to take a survey, allow them to request more information about an offer, leave feedback, or direct them towards making an immediate or future purchase. The included information is kept short and sweet so that the message conveyed comes across clearly; information about the offer, company name and contact information, and often times an information request form.In addition to crafting these pages with keywords that will optimize the potential for a Google user to find them, landing pages are also used via email. Including a live URL link in a newsletter or marketing email can also be extremely effective. Because there is relevant information in the email, the target audience already has an idea of what is being offered. But instead of simply linking to the homepage, a landing page directs the customer towards the specific offer or information, eliminating the possibility of them getting lost or distracted while navigating the homepage. This precise directing of the visitor’s attention increases the chances of conversion-that is, that the visitor will interact with the page-fill out the information form so the company can contact them about their products and services, view the special offer, or provide the desired feedback.Whatever a company is offering in the marketplace (do tie racks really need built in lights?), landing pages can be an effective way of getting out a specific message to a specific audience quickly, efficiently, and effectively, saving would-be consumers the hassle of wading through loads of extraneous information. And can I resist? They may also help your business take off.

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Direct Response Marketing For Newbies

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Direct marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your customers and get a quick response from their end.Though such type of marketing approach is really simple, it requires a planned strategy and is mainly focused on how well a marketer can identify then communicate effectively to their key prospect.There are many business owners who uses direct marketing for their services or products and sadly there are many that don’t.If you are not marketing direct, then you’re more then likely a participant of what i call blind marketing. Having a planned approach is essential.Knowing exactly who’s ready to buy your stuff is like having a deadly weapon. Its a huge advantage on your part.To ensure proper growth in your business, it is very necessary that the best and apt marketing technique is followed.Before you plan any approach, it is essential to get familiar with the concept as What is Direct response marketing all about. It is a different form of marketing wherein marketers can directly come in contact with their key prospects and present different products they are offering and the excellent deals available on them.As there are no intermediates therefore it becomes quite simple to target your audience in a better way. What the best entrepreneurs focus on is [ROI], Return On Investment not exactly how much money the business is bringing in.There are thousands of companies that waste marketing dollars on ads that will never get read by the majority of the people they send it to. If you notice, most news paper readers will never read the entire news paper.There’s always a specific section they refer to ie. sports, classifieds, beauty etc. Therefore, wasting money by printing ads for people whom will take one glance and ultimately discard it makes no sense. It will leave you little to no ROI.A planned approach – the real success mantraDirect marketing is simple yet not easy. If you have a well designed Direct marketing plan, it will be easy to focus on your goals and the results will be visible soon.Similarly if you just get into this field without any prior experience or knowledge, it will just be a waste of time.Therefore, entrepreneurs usually rely on the experts as they have lots of information about the current market trends and employ the best strategies to get top notch results.Structuring any Direct marketing campaign takes a little time and patience. To avoid wasting money and enhance your chances on getting ROI, it only makes sense to look to men who are already experts in this field.

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